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Diaper Run

This was my first round submission to the 2023 NYC Midnight 250 word challenge. Enjoy!


Rose was lost in a bevy of thoughts as she let herself sink into the heirloom rocking chair, Lilah already asleep in her arms.  In the fresh silence she replayed warm memories, recalling the day that she learned she was pregnant. 

Denver wasn't exactly her fianceé at the time, but the way that he danced and sobbed with joy convinced her that he was “the one”.  Yet she glanced at the clock again with increasing anxiety. 

The truth was that the McGown women had an eye for unhealthy men.  This was a first though, doubting him.  Maybe having Lilah increased her senses but it had been an hour, and the diaper run should’ve been 30 minutes.  She panicked, “Have I completely mis-read him?”  When Denver finally walked in the door wearing a new shirt, she was determined to get the truth.  “DENVER HAMPTON! Are you cheating!?”  He stood stupefied for a second before reaching into the bag and fished out a poop stained shirt.

“The smell punched me when I got the cart.  I ran to the bathroom and scrubbed but caved, so-new shirt!”  Just then, Lilah spit up powerfully, drenching Rose.  Simultaneously, they broke into deep cleansing laughter and melded together on the floor, throwing their soiled garments across the room.  

“Denver, baby, I trust you; I think I’m a little tired.”  

“Well, let me take her. It’s your turn for a new shirt.  Feel free to take an hour,” he teased, and kissed her softly.



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