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This is me... Thank You For Stopping By

Apart from a stint at an Air Force base in Lousianna, of which only vague memories of Mike and Ikes and bicycle rides remain, Derick grew up in Catawissa, a small town in Pennsylvania's Appalachian mountains.  He was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome at the young age of 6.  If you ask him at the right moment he might tell you that he actually enjoys living with the condition now.  Even though it has been a long and painful process to mold that scarlet letter into a badge of honor. 

He moved to an inner suburb of Philadelphia to attend seminary, eventually to Madison WI, and Paris (also known as heaven on earth) as an adult before moving back to Philadelphia to weather out the covid years.  He was a pastor for 15 years before leaving the job and leaving fundamentalistic Christianity entirely.  He is still very spiritually minded and will buy you a coffee AND a beer if you want to have a hearty discussion with him on the topic.  He is a very proud dad of a firey and highly sentimental daughter.  He has the cutest "Potcake" pup named Rosalie has been married for over 15 years to an amazing teacher and now, a full-time tutor. 

In addition to taking this foray into making a career in writing, he owns a coffee brand based in Philly.  He loves to communicate via writing and public speaking, connect genuinely with people, and finds joy in seeing people reach new heights in their personal development. 

His current Motto:  We only live once, so live fully, with as few regrets as possible.  Take the risk and do the uncomfortable thing.  Future you will thank present you.  

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